18 Super Funny Animal Selfies That Will Make You Smile

18 Super Funny Animal Selfies That Will Make You Smile

#6. My Dog Took A Selfie On His iPaw

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#7. No Make Up Today

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#8. Self-Portrait By An Otter Named Musa In Washington Wetland Centre. It Used A GoPro Camera From An Press Association Photographer

Source: commons

#9. Selfie Queen

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#10. The Classic Selfie Eko Took

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#11. A Monkey Stole My Go Pro While I Was In Indonesia. It Seems That He Fully Adapted To The Selfie Culture

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#12. Hello

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#13. Gorilla Selfie

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#14. Selfie Time

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#15. Elephant Selfie

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#16. Selfie Time

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#17. Bae Caught Me Slippin

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#18. “Lol Just Me Cooking In The Kitchen”

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Section 3: More Tips to Take Great Animal Selfies

3.1. Use the Right Camera

To capture great animal selfies, it is important to use the right camera. The camera should have a high-resolution lens and a fast shutter speed, as animals can be quick in their movements.

3.2. Use the Right Angles

The angle of the photo is an essential factor in capturing great animal selfies.  the animal.

3.3. Use Props and Treats

Using props and treats can help to capture the animal’s attention and make them more comfortable with you being close to them. nd treats that are safe for the animal and do not harm them in any way.

Section 4:  Taking Animal Selfies

4.1. Research the Animal’s Behavior

by taking animal selfies. Different animals have different personalities, and it is important to understand their behavior to avoid any harm or discomfort to the animal.

4.2. Be Mindful of the Environment